Organyc Feminine Hygiene Favorites Bundle (5 Items)

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Made With Your Needs in Mind

Let’s face it, we’re not talking about elbows and knees. Delicate skin has special needs, and Organyc understands those needs. Made with 100% Organic Cotton, these pads are naturally absorbent and breathable.

Take Care Down There

Organyc is ideal for women who want to avoid contact with synthetic materials on the skin and feel fresh, safe, and clean. 100% Organic Cotton is hypoallergenic, so say goodbye to uncomfortable irritation.

The Complete “Favorites” Bundle:

You’ll receive two boxes of Moderate Flow pads for daytime, and a box of Heavy Flow pads for overnight. In addition, this bundle has you covered with a box of Panty Liners and a package of refreshing wipes. Everything you need to feel safe, clean, and protected from beginning to end.

Individually Wrapped Pads for Moderate and Heavy Flow are both made with wings and have no chlorine, synthetics, or powders.

Intimate Hygiene Wipes contain natural Calendula and Chamomile glyceric extracts. They are alcohol-free and contain no chlorine or parabens.

Bundle includes 5 items: Moderate Flow/Day Pads (2 boxes of 10), Heavy Flow/Night Pads (1 box of 10), Panty Liners (1 box of 24), Wipes (1 pk of 20)

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